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The benefits of healthy sleep

The amount and quality of your sleep affects your mental and physical health including your productivity in your daily routine, emotional balance, brain and heart health, strong immune system, creativity, vitality and even your weight.
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What is Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is not just snoring or feeling tired during the day – to completely stop breathing and starving the body of vital oxygen with an increase of carbon dioxide in the blood, can seriously impact your health and your quality of life.
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Sleep Apnea Resources

Understanding more about sleep apnea and how to make a positive difference in your health, is integral in getting the most out of your every day. Expand your knowledge even further.
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Sleep Apnea Quiz

Apart from making you tired, sleep apnea is often left undiagnosed and puts immense strain on the body. It also increases the risk of other life threatening conditions. Could you be at risk?

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