At Sörgen Medical we believe everybody is entitled to getting a good night of sleep. 

And, that is why we have created our brand in providing you with premium treatment options to effectively treat snoring and sleep apnea.

Combining our 25 years of experience in community health and electrical engineering, we saw the need to offer quality and affordable cpap devices, cpap masks, and cpap replacement parts & accessories unique to our brand, via our online store.

Familly is happiness

Our Why...

Our aspiration and understanding of good health plus our desire in helping others feel good about themselves by providing quality driven and affordable products, sleep education and training.

We also understand what it feels like to be sleep deprived and having to function when not feeling at our best. And finding solutions to challenges, in-particular related to health, is what we both are naturally good at.

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Why Sörgen...

The name derives from a German word meaning ‘care’. So, ultimately, our journey is to ‘care’ for your sleep.

Our First Product Range...

In February 2020, we released our first product range for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) therapy that provides all the expected features, yet affordability. All of our CPAP products are listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

We will continue to grow our range of products and resources that relates to sleep, whether that be for a sleep disorder or for general relaxation so that you can live a happier and healthier life.

We are already transforming lives with real results. We are helping everyday Australians regain a healthier sleep routine and as a result, improving their health. We look forward to helping you reclaim your best sleep possible.

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“Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together”

Gabby & Evan xo

Best Auto Adjusting CPAP Machine

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality affordable sleep products in sleep medicine based on innovative technology that treats and manages sleep disorders such as mild, severe and obstructive sleep apnea.
Comfortable Full Face CPAP Mask

Aim and Objectives

Provide life-changing treatments & education to the greater community who suffer from snoring, sleep apnea and other chronic health conditions linked to sleep. Enabling easy access and self-empowerment to treatment experiences & health outcomes, as well as clinicians’ patient management efficiency.

We are committed to advancing sleep technologies in sleep medicine and commercialising these technologies into high quality sleep products that are affordable for all Australians.

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