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DS-6 Dream Sleep Auto CPAP

The DS-6 Dream Sleep auto adjusting CPAP machine operates at your custom pressure and is a proven performer with intelligent algorithms. Packed with so many features so you get the best possible performance for your bedside therapy.
Auto setting

Built in Intelligence

Automatic Pressure Adjustment – Being an Auto CPAP machine means the DS-6 Dream Sleep will Automatically operate at the best pressure for you while you sleep. This means you can have peace of mind that the machine is delivering the right amount of pressure throughout the night giving you the best possible night’s sleep.

Expiratory Pressure Relief Technology

The expired air pressure relief is fully adjustable for you on a scale of 0 to 3. This enables you to adjust the level of resistance felt when breathing out while using the DS-6 Dream Sleep ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.
Expiratory Relief
Ramp Time Adj

Ramp Time Adjustment

The ramp time enables the pressure to slowly rise up to the operating pressure range when you first start using the DS-6 Dream Sleep. It is adjustable from 0 to 60 minutes. This enables you to relax and adjust to using the DS-6 Dream Sleep before the machine starts operating between the Auto pressure range set by you. This feature provides the benefit of enabling you to become comfortable using the DS-6 Dream Sleep while you fall asleep.

Auto On/Off

The Sӧrgen Medical Dream Sleep has an auto on/off feature so when you want to start using the machine simply place your mask on and breath in and the machine will automatically start for you. When you remove the mask the machine will detect this and stop for you automatically.
Auto On - Off

Intelligent Algorithms

The DS-6 Dream Sleep uses intelligent algorithms to continually analyse your sleep patterns and automatically adjust to the best possible conditions of pressure and flow for you.

Optimal Quality and Practical

Heated Humidification – the humidifier has been designed with ease of use in mind. The tank is easily removed from the machine and enables the user to open the tank up for convenient cleaning. The humidification levels are adjustable from 0 to 5 allowing a large range to select from and so providing the ultimate comfort setting for you while you sleep.

Quiet Operation –the max noise level from the DS-6 Dream Sleep is 29dB ensuring that you get a quite night’s sleep.

Large Display Screen – The 7CM display screen makes it very easy for you to see and adjust any of the settings on your machine.

Elegant Design – The innovative and functional design of the DS-6 Dream Sleep brings all of the Auto CPAP machine requirements together harmoniously in an easy to use quality package that delivers a complete sleep solution.

Professional Sleep Report

Sleep Data Recording – The DS-6 Dream Sleep machine has a large colour display screen located on top of the Auto CPAP. This screen makes it easier for you to view your data and make changes to the settings. Your complete sleep history is recorded and stored on the SD Card provided with the DS-6 Dream Sleep.
Sorgen Medical comparison to big brands
Sorgen Medical comparison to big brands
Get the most out of your Dream Products:


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