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Sleep Well N19
This is the most common form of CPAP mask. While not as small as nasal pillows, the nasal mask rests over the nose and against the cheeks and upper lip. It is held in place with headgear that attaches to the mask at the forehead and sides of the face. The CPAP machine sends pressurised air into the mask, which surrounds your nose before you inhale it. 

Multifunctional Design

The N19 is designed for superior comfort and created for the perfect fit for the contours of the face. The compact design with a whisper-quiet ventilation system offers minimal disturbance as well as a built in oxygen interface port. The forehead support position and neck height adjustment provides custom adjustability with a 360 degree rotating elbow that adapts to the most active sleepers allowing for various sleeping positions. The head straps and easy release clips are designed for convenience which allows for stabilisation, manual dexterity, comfort and a supportive fit.
Nasal Mask Sizing
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Dual Wall Seal Designed For Comfort

The dual wall cushion around the nasal mask is designed to press gently against the skin around the mouth and nose providing a superior and secure seal. With the intuitive seal the mask will adapt to your different sleeping positions, helping to maintain a comfortable seal and minimise leak-reduced pressure while sleeping.
Get the most out of your Dream Products:


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