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This is the smallest form of CPAP mask. The soft cushions of nasal pillows rest right at the opening to the nostrils; they are held in place by small, soft headgear. The air pressure generated by the CPAP machine enters your airway through these cushions.
Best Nasal Pillow Mask for CPAP

Ultralight design & minimalist touch

Especially developed to minimally obstruct your vision and have little direct contact with the face, this mask is perfect for a secure fit for that complete seal. The small cushions rest at the end of the nose and deliver the prescribed pressure used to keep the airway open as well as offering direct airflow to the upper airway. This mask offers solutions such as air leak for men with facial hair, and those who suffer from claustrophobia and are sleep active. Best used with lower prescribed CPAP settings.

Intelligent porous exhaust

An expertly designed exhaust vent system that provides efficiency and the least amount of restriction when in use. The increased diameter allows for affluent airflow to enable simple and comfortable breathing with a discreet amount of noise. This design also limits the rebreathing of exhaled breath while the nasal pillow is in use. The elbow swivels 360 degrees which enables the user maximum flexibility of position while using the nasal pillow.

Multi-standard silicone pad alternative

The soft and light silicone buds design allows choice for any nostril size to satisfy the critical touch and superior seal. Hypoallergenic, latex-free and fully washable, the perfect fit buds are structured to remain in one position throughout the night. Our nasal pillow package allows the user select between 3 sizes (S,M,L) for the best possible fit and seal for the users own personal comfort and pillow performance.

Get the most out of your Dream Products:


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